Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Used For Traffic Safety Campaign

Police in Calcutta, India are using the famed cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road record to help promote better traffic safety among pedestrians, according to that city's paper, The Telegraph.

The PSA features the cover, rendered in black-and-white, along with the message, "If they can, why can't you?" printed acros the top.

"We toyed with ideas ranging from Shakira to 'Gangnam Style,' keeping the youth in mind. We finally chose the Beatles because of their timeless appeal and the photograph, which fits the bill."

The city's police commissioner also felt that the Fab Four were the best choice for the campaign:

"The Beatles touched thousands of lives with their music and we are simply trying to use their universal appeal to save lives."

The famous photo was snapped by Ian MacMillan for the 1969 LP.

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