David Bowie To Be The Next X Factor Judge?

If Simon Cowell had his way, David Bowie would be the next judge on the U.K. version of the X Factor.

"I think if I could have anyone on X Factor it would be David Bowie," Cowell told The Daily Mail. "It's no secret I've asked him, and he hasn't said yes yet, but I'll keep extending the invitation."

"Why Bowie?" he continued, "He's a legend. He's a great songwriter, he has massive influence on music today and he's 100 per cent credible. I'm a fan. Not just of his music but of him, the man. He's cool. Most of us aren't. Bowie is."

Cowell revealed his love for Bowie on the same day it was rumored that current X Factor judge Tulisa will be replaced when the show returns later this year.

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