Styx Sues Record Company Over Alleged Accounting Improprieties

Styx has claimed that the band's label, A&M Records, has engaged in deceptive accounting practices in order to deprive them of royalties.

The band, according to TMZ, filed a lawsuit against A&M, alleging that "for every one dollar the band has received from A&M they should have been paid anywhere from two to five dollars." The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

The band also claims that the record company went as far as creating a "phony business model" in order to avoid paying them the money they were due. The funds Styx was shorted on, according to court documents, included monies from digital downloads and ringtones.

On a more positive note, Styx will be joining REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent on the Midwest Rock 'n Roll Express tour starting in April.

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