Aerosmith's 'Dream On' To Become Official State Song Of Massachusetts?

Aerosmith's classic track "Dream On" may become the official state song of Massachusetts, following a campaign by the state's legislators.

The honor is not in the bag for the legendary Boston rockers, as another group is lobbying to make Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lover's jam "Road Runner" the official state track.

Democrat Marty Walsh is sponsoring the "Road Runner" bill, while his fellow Dems Josh Cutler and James Cantwell are sponsoring the Aerosmith tune.

"Road Runner" was first suggested for the honor after Laura Barton, a reporter for U.K.'s The Guardian wrote an article detailing her drive along every road mentioned in every version of the song.

Her article was read by Joyce Linehan, a Massachusetts activist, who then lobbied for the track's official status. Walsh took up the idea which was then countered by bandwagoning Aerosmith fans.

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