Tommy Lee Explains Refusal To Meet-and-Greet Fans

Tommy Lee has offered an explanation for refusing to participate in the Motley Crue meet-and-greet sessions with fans backstage. He says that the "Kickstart My Heart Meet And Greet Package" is too contrived for his tastes.

"For those of you that are asking why I am not doing anymore meet and greets: It's got nothing to do with me not wanting to meet the fans, I just don't agree with doing it under the certain given circumstances. I love u all and I'll gladly high five y'all if I see u out n about - and u won't have to pay me for that."

A few days ago he tweeted a series of messages complaining about the backstage meet-and-greets:

"How to kill a vibe in 1.2 secs! Whip out your [expletive] cell, turn the flash . . . or shoot video with the light on the whole time! It's not the pictures that bother me! It's the boring [expletive] standing there taking pics and not being in the moment of what's happening!"

Motley Crue is currently on tour in Australia Thin Lizzy and KISS.

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