Pete Townshend Apologizes For Swearing At Seven-Year-Old Audience Member

The Who's Pete Townshend has issued a formal apology for an outburst during which he swore at a seven-year-old audience member at a recent show in Hamilton, Ontario. During the February 19 performance, Townshend snapped on an father and daughter who repeatedly waved a sign reading "Smash your guitar, Pete!"

Townshend didn't take kindly to the sign, and told the man from on stage:

"Don't wave that sign. [And] don't bring your children . . . I want to tell you two words, but I can't because you have a child on you," he said before mouthing the words "f*ck off."

The outraged father, Eric Costello, blasted Townshend in the Toronto Sun, but was vindicated this week when Pete wrote a letter of apology:

"I could have handled it differently . . . you did nothing wrong . . . [I hope we can] meet and be friends and put this behind us . . ."

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