Journey Is Unlikely To Release Another Album, Says Johnathan Cain

Fans shouldn't hold their breath for the follow up album to 2011's Eclipse from Journey, according to the band's keyboardist, Jonathan Cain, who says that the boys might, however, be looking to do a movie soundtrack:

"We're not convinced the market will bear another CD from us, y'know? And it's so much work to make one. Maybe we get a soundtrack shot with a movie," Cain told Pulse of Radio.

Cain says the band's reluctance is in part due to the disappointing sales record of Eclipse:

"[The] last album we made was a departure. It was Neal [Schon's] 'I wanna do one this way once' - and so we did. We did a heavy, rock n' roll record. And it kinda wasn't received very well here in the States and they kinda liked it in Europe and that's kinda what I thought was gonna happen and it barely sold 100,000."

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