Bob Dylan Is The First Rocker To Join American Academy Of Arts And Letters

Bob Dylan has become the first rock musician to earn an induction American Academy of Arts and Letters, an elite group of composers, artists, authors and architects. The Academy claims that membership is "the highest formal recognition of artistic merit in the United States."

"The board of directors considered the diversity of his work and acknowledged his iconic place in the American culture," academy executive director Virginia Dajani explained in Dylan's induction. "Bob Dylan is a multi-talented artist whose work so thoroughly crosses several disciplines that it defies categorization."

The Academy has a fixed membership of 250 and a new member can only be inducted when an old member dies. Membership is for life and only current members can nominate and elect new members.

While Dylan has accepted the nomination, it is unknown if he will attend the academy's awards dinner in April or the induction ceremony in May since he is scheduled to be on tour in the Midwest at the time.

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