Roger Waters Says Pink Floyd 'Was Over In 1985'

Roger Waters discussed the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion in a recent interview with The Sun, saying that "I can't . . . I left Pink Floyd for very good reasons, and it was the right and proper thing to do."

Waters explained that, despite a one-off reunion in 2005, Floyd "was over in 1985, and it's still over." However, that hasn't stopped Waters from hitting the road to perform Pink Floyd material over the past decade or so.

Right now, Waters is prepping a massive performance of The Wall at Wembley Stadium.

"We're going from 28 projectors to 49," Waters explains. "There will be a lot more detailed information. Close-ups of me, the band . . . you won't quite be sure of what's going on."

Waters will perform The Wall in its entirety at Wembley Stadium on September 14.

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