Johnny Ramone's Widow Plans Ramones Biopic

Linda Ramone, the widow of the Ramones guitarist, Johnny Ramone, has said that she plans on doing a biopic of the band.

Speaking with Rolling Stone magazine, Linda added that she's not sure what the basis of the film would be.

"It would be nice to do a Ramones movie," she said. "I will do one no matter what. Maybe it will be just based more on Commando. I'm working on it right now. We're in discussions, which is always a fun time."

Commando, the possible foundation of the flick, is the autobiography written by Johnny, which discusses his time with the band.

She added that she had someone in mind to play her deceased husband.

"Of course everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he's cool and looks good. He's super nice to me and he used to always talk to Johnny if we'd go to the Viper Room. His band opened up for the Ramones years and years ago."

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