Orianthi Avoids Getting Stabbed On Tour With Alice Cooper

Orianthi, the new guitarist for Alice Cooper, says she was a little worried about the band's new tour. Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, she says she's was glad to make it through the first few gigs without "run[ning] into Frankenstein or get[ting] stabbed."

She added that she was impressed by the shock rocker's expansive and intricate catalog:

"I was a fan before, but I'm the biggest fan now because you really appreciate what goes into the whole recording process of each song and writing pieces as well because there's just so many guitar parts."

Orianthi is currently splitting time between playing solo shows in support of her latest release, Heaven in This Hell, and touring with Alice.

"I didn't want to be boxed in," she says of the new set. "Some of the songs have rock, some have a country vibe some pop, and R&B vibe."

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