Body Of Yes Guitarist Peter Banks To Be Cremated

Peter Banks, the late guitar player for Yes, is expected to be cremated later in the week following legal confusion after his sudden death on March 7.

Banks died with no immediate next of kin. His ex-wife, the only person able to sign for his remains, was initially reluctant to do so, which kept the body in legal limbo.

George Mizner, Banks' manager, stepped into the mess, starting a PayPal fund to which fans could donate in order to have the mess sorted out. The manager now has told Something Else that Banks' ex-wife has stepped up and everything will soon be cleared up.

"I believe the problem with Ceci, Pete's ex-wife, was that she was in shock and disbelief," Mizner said. "The fans have been great with donating a few bucks to help with the arrangements."

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