Alex Lifeson Speaks On Lean Times For Rush

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has opened up about some of the less successful times for the band, including their Caress of Steel tour. Speaking with Guitar World, Lifeson said at one point he considered leaving music all together.

"We were already extremely in debt, and it was just getting worse and worse," he said. "The crowds were getting smaller and there didn't seem to be much interest in the album at the time . . . there was a lot of reflection. I thought, Well, you know, I guess I could be a plumber again if I had to."

Lifeson says the thing that may have saved the band was a restructured deal with their label Mercury, which made the band "responsible for delivering the record, the artwork - everything - in its completed form."

The band's next album was the 1976 masterpiece, 2112.

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