Video For Tony Iommi-Penned 'Lonely Planet' Song Released

"Lonely Planet," the track written by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, will be performed by the Armenian group Dorians for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. The video is streaming now through various web outlets.

Iommi says that the selection of his track was a pleasant surprise for him.

"Well here's something different, one of my demo ideas has been chosen as the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest! It went on a short list and Saturday night was voted as the winner," he said.

He added deets about the upcoming competition:

"It now goes to the semi-final on May 16th in Malmo, Sweden. Glad to be able to be involved with Armenia again . . ."

Iommi has a long history of activism in Armenia, helping with relief work after a devastating 1988 earthquake.

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