Todd Rundgren To Release 24th Album 'State' On April 9

Todd Rundgren will release his 24th solo album, State, on April 9. The veteran musician spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock about making the album and what the inspiration behind it was.

Rundgren explained that for this album, he "decided that I would respond to essentially a phenomenon that I've been somewhat involved in recently, which is working with younger artists who cite me as an influence on them."

The 64-year-old also indicated that he wanted to make a trademark Todd Rundgren album, meaning that he "decided to do a record that would be one that I would logically make, but also using a methodology that I had to a certain degree popularized, which is the idea of maximizing the studio as a sound source as opposed to using real players all of the time or trying to create the sound of real players."

Rundgren will hit the road for an 11-date tour across North American to promote State starting on May 5 in Woodstock, NY.

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