Iggy Pop Speaks On Punk Band Iceage

Iggy Pop says he is a fan of the Danish punk band Iceage, noting during an interview with the Australian radio program Triple J Mornings that the band reminds him of his own early career.

"It's not easy to be that dark," he said. "A lot of people who try to express negative energy sort of just flail. They kind of come off like hamsters or something, where the more they try, the sillier it is. I thought they achieve a certain darkness. They're known for doing very, very short albums and shows. When I started, that's what we always did."

Before that, Pop said that Iceage is "the only current punk band I can think of that sounds really dangerous."

Iggy also took some time to play some tunes on the radio show, mixing it up with cuts from Iceage, Chuck Berry, Kraftwerk, Jacuzzi Boys and Peaches.

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