Rush's Geddy Lee To Throw First Pitch At Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener

Rush frontman Geddy Lee is a long-time Toronto Blue Jays fan, and now he will be doing something that most Toronto fans dream of doing their whole lives: throwing out the first pitch for the Jays home opener on Tuesday, April 2.

The soon-to-be Rock and Roll Hall of Famer told USA Today that during concerts, when Rush takes a break, he makes sure that he checks MLB scores and highlights.

Lee is a Jays season ticket holder, and also has his own fantasy team:

"I would be embarrassed to admit how much time I spend on it. I scour the box scores and I scour websites looking for players."

Even though Lee grew up in Toronto, he admitted that the Blue Jays have not always been his favorite team; for a long time, he favored the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs.

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