Beatles' Let It Be . . . Naked Now Available On ITunes

The Beatles' Let It Be . . . Naked is now available for download via iTunes. The album features the original recordings and mixes from the Fab Four's Let It Be without the slick production added later by Phil Spector.

The new download includes a crop of previously unreleased material including 20 minutes of studio banter captured during the original session. Videos captured through the session including takes of "Don't Let Me Down" and "Get Back" are also included.

The Naked edition was initially released in 2003 in physical formats. Paul McCartney recently explained that today's audio technology has allowed them to clean up the original tracks and give a more honest representation of the original performances:

"If we'd had today's technology back then, it would sound like this because this is the noise we made in the studio," said McCartney. "It's all exactly as it was in the room."

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