Neil Young Takes Hybrid Car For A Test Drive

Neil Young is hitting the road once again, this time in his handmade fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle, called the Lincvolt.

Young is blogging about his adventures in the Lincvolt, a retrofitted gas-gulping 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible. His blog is entitled "Under the Hood," which sees him stopping at California's Joshua Tree National Park and the Imperial Sand Dunes.

The blog entries are penned from the viewpoint of the car, which makes for a witty read. Young also offers some colorful photos.

He came up with the idea for the Lincvolt years ago, with the hopes of utilizing modern technology to makes his '59 Lincoln convertible more fuel-efficient. He added to it equipment designed to power the car on clean-burning cellulosic ethanol. Those interested can follow Young's travels via

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