Tim Bachman, Formerly Of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Charged With Sexual Assault

Tim Bachman, the original guitarist for Bachman-Turner Overdrive, has been charged with sexually abusing a girl under the age of 14.

The girl, Stacy Bohun, reports the Calgary Herald, was a foster child living at Bachman's house from 2000-2004. During court testimony, Bohun recalled the troubling details:

"I felt the relationship was very sick . . . He would get me to sit on his lap and kiss him. One time he tried to French kiss me . . . It was just a lot of weird, inappropriate things."

Bachmann has been charged with sex assault, sexual interference with a person under 14 and sexual touching of a young person.

Bachman left BTO after its second album, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II, which features the hits "Let It Ride" and "Takin' Care of Business."

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