Mick Jagger Admits Rolling Stones Fans Don't Want To Hear New Songs

Mick Jagger has come to the realization that Rolling Stones fans don't want to hear new songs performed live.

"It would be nice to have a new album, but people don't like the new album when you play it on stage," Jagger told USA Today. "They glumly look at you. 'OK, it will be over in a minute.' It's not a good excuse, but it's the truth and has to be said."

Jagger has been working on putting the setlist together for the Stones' upcoming tour and admits that he has been worried that he isn't going to please every fan.

"I worry a lot," he continued. "You see that post, 'I hope they do 'Wild Horses', and then we do some obscure ballad, perhaps not brilliantly. Then you see, 'It was really good, that obscure ballad, but actually I wanted them to do 'Wild Horses'. We have so many ballads and we only do a couple in a show. I do think we'll do one or two obscurities."

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