Is This The Final Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tour?

A member of Crazy Horse, Neil Young's touring band, is speculating that the group's current tour may be their last. In an interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Frank "Poncho" Sampedro says this may be the end of the road for the trio, who have been playing together since the late 1960s.

"I just think once it stops it's going to be kind of hard to get it rolling again," Sampedro told the mag.

"My gut tells me this is really the last tour. I hate saying their ages, but I'm 64 and I'm the baby of the band. I love playing and we're playing as good as we ever did, but at any time something could go down with any one of us."

Young and the band released two albums last year, Americana and Psychedelic Pill, after not releasing anything for almost a decade.

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