Levon Helm Documentary Premieres

Levon Helm of the Band is the focus of a new documentary, Ain't in It for My Health, which combines archival footage with footage shot during the last few years of Helm's life. The doc debuted in New York City earlier this week.

Larry Campbell, a longtime Helm collaborator, spoke with Reuters about the directorial method of Jacob Hatley, saying, he "was like a fly on the wall, filming Levon's daily life and all of us around him as we worked on music and tried to get his career back on track."

"There was no pressure, no deadline," Campbell added, "and Levon loved being on camera. He was a real natural, as you can see in the movies he did, like Coalminer's Daughter. Making this film was very much his idea."

Helm died of cancer on April 19, 2012.

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