Rolling Stones Discuss Preparation For 50 And Counting Tour

The Rolling Stones are getting ready to launch their 50 and Counting tour, prompting the band to speak with Rolling Stone magazine about each of the group members' prep routine for the road.

"Personally, I start preparing about two months before the tour starts. So I have to up my fitness level and I have to start singing everyday, doing practices and a bit of dancing," says Mick Jagger.

The band is also making sure that their ability to communicate onstage is well honed before the trek. Keith Richards dished on his method of signalling his bandmates:

"Charlie [Watts] gives me a little signal, a certain little rap that he's ready to go. Then Ronnie [Wood] and I, we just pass looks at each other all the time."

The 50 and Counting tour will launch on May 3 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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