Neil Young Records In Jack White's Vinyl Record Booth

Neil Young was out and about for Record Store Day earlier this month, stopping by the vinyl recording booth at Jack White's Third Man Records location in Nashville. For the special event, White rolled out his 1947 Voice-o-Graph booth, allowing the public to record their voices directly onto a 6" vinyl record.

A photo of Young stepping out of the booth was posted to Third Man's Instagram account last weekend, but there's been no word on what he played in the booth. For his turn, White played a cover of Loretta Lynn's "The Coal Miner's Daughter."

"Whether it was a marriage proposal, folk song, last will and testament, poem, one act play, a Sir-Mix-a-Lot cover or birthday greetings, accompanied by everything from a vintage 1920's Gibson mandolin, a boombox or an iPhone, every last recording from the booth was inspired and fulfilling," explained a rep from Third Man.

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