David Bowie Delivers 42-Word Statement About The Next Day

David Bowie has released a 42-word statement on his new album, The Next Day, dubbed as a "work flow diagram," intended to describe the LP. Bowie has previously not released any statements on the new album.

"Effigies, Indulgences, Anarchist, Violence, Chthonic, Intimidation, Vampyric, Pantheon, Succubus, Hostage, Transference, Identity, Mauer, Interface, Flitting, Isolation, Revenge, Osmosis, Crusade, Tyrant, Domination, Indifference, Miasma, Pressgang, Displaced, Flight, Resettlement, Funereal, Glide, Trace, Balkan, Burial, Reverse, Manipulate, Origin, Text, Traitor, Urban, Comeuppance, Tragic, Nerve, Mystification," reads the cryptic statement.

The Next Day is Bowie's 24th studio album, and first in a decade, since 2003's Reality. The album, produced by Tony Visconti, was released on Bowie' own Iso Records, in conjunction with Columbia Records. It features singles "Where Are We Know?" and "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)."

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