Doors' John Densmore Speaks On Feud With Former Band Mates

Doors drummer John Densmore has opened up about his ongoing troubles with his former bandmates. He spoke on his beef with Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger during a recent interview with ABC:

"The Doors got knocked off their hinges a few years ago for a few years with the concept that Jim Morrison didn't need to be the lead singer, and that doesn't fly," Densmore said, referring to Krieger and Manzarek's reunion without him.

"The Stones without Mick, that doesn't go, you know. Jim's iconic, and so I had to initiate a legal struggle to straighten that out, and Jim's estate joined me."

The other two members countersued Densmore to the tune of $40 million claiming that he was stifling their ability to make a living. He adds that they're patching things up:

"We're e-mailing each other. Healing has begun. I'm putting out the idea that maybe if we played together again as a benefit . . . that would be sweet. Not go on tour - Jim's not around - but that'd be a nice reunion."

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