Black Sabbath Debut New Song 'Methademic' Live In Australia

Black Sabbath have unveiled a new track, "Methademic," from their upcoming album, 13. Fan shot video of the song, taken from a Melbourne, Australia concert over the weekend, is now circulating the web.

Ultimate Classic Rock says the new song centers on a "classic heavy Sabbath riff":

"It's also got a strong melody, as far as anyone can tell - though it must be said, even allowing for the dodgy recording quality, it seems that this performance is far from Ozzy Osbourne's best moment vocally."

Loudwire adds that "Tony Iommi's guitar sounds huge while Ozzy's voice is very high up in the mix, similar to the studio recording of 'God is Dead?'"

13, the band's first album with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978's Never Say Die!, is due June 11.

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