Pink Floyd Laser Light Yoga Trending

Pink Floyd Yoga, the brainchild of yoga instructor Chris Calarco, blends the music of the legendary band with the relaxation techniques of the popular exercise method and a laser light show.

According to Spin, the classes are popular, packing in about 70 people, and strenuous, lasting for around two hours.

In a statement on his website, Calarco explained the method to his madness:

"Pink Floyd are masters of polarity. They created terrifying and beautiful music that narrates the universal human experience. Similarly, the internal and external practices of yoga requires us to confront our deepest fears while also inspiring us toward our highest creative potential. Exploring one's entire self means diving into the dark side and celebrating the light of gratitude and love."

Calarco, who operates in Portland, Oregon, has previously led Bob Marley, Madonna and soul themed yoga classes.

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