Axl Rose To Buy A Tiger?

Axl Rose is reportedly in the market for a tiger. The Guns n' Roses frontman discussed his intent to purchase the exotic feline at New York's Catch Roof with a cast of celebrity friends, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Jonah Hill and Michael K Williams.

A source speaking with the New York Post set the scene: "They were seated at a VIP table surrounded by tons of security. They looked like a modern-day Rat Pack. [Axl was with] a harem of ladies and was telling the group about his plans to buy a tiger."

Before the 51-year-old singer puts a down payment on his tiger he might want to resolve a pending $5,000 lawsuit from an Australian fan who reportedly had his teeth knocked in by Axl's cordless microphone at concert in Perth. Axl apparently lost control of the mic which then whacked the fan in the mouth. Now the fan wants Axl to pay his dental bill.

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