Robert Plant Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant has filed for a restraining order against a woman who claims that she had a relationship with him. The woman, Alysson Billings, sent Plant a series of threatening messages, according to Britain's The Sun.

The tabloid reports that Billings has not, in fact, ever met Plant but forced the rocker to beef up his security detail after a series of threatening messages.

Billings is apparently outraged at Plant's relationship with fellow rocker Patty Griffin.

"Your betrayal with another woman still stabs my mind," she wrote in one message, later adding: "This woman is literally evil for you and your life . . . you are about to fall for that dirty old crotch. And I'm not joking, I cannot, will not, shall not live this way anymore."

A later message went further: "She's got you so p*ssy whooped and henpecked, it makes me want to puke . . . and I'm telling you that rotten crotch is ruining you."

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