Mick Jagger Says Keith Richard's Apology Was Prerequisite For The Band Touring

Mick Jagger wasn't about to go on tour with the Rolling Stones until Keith Richards apologized for the latter's disses in his 2010 autobiography, Life.

Richards insinuated in the book that Jagger has a small penis - one of the many issues that needed to be hashed out, said Jagger in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"You have to put those things to one side; you can't leave them unspoken," Jagger said. "It's very tempting. English people like to do that quite a lot. They don't like to face up to these things. Sometimes it's easy to push them out of the way, but I think it's good that we had that conversation."

In any case, the apology must have worked, because the band is currently on its 17-date 50 and Counting tour in the United States.

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