Lenny Kravitz Appears In PSA For UNICEF To End Preventable Child Deaths

Lenny Kravitz is taking part in a new campaign to support the United Nations Children's Fund in their mission to stop preventable child deaths.

Kravitz appears in a new PSA in which he discusses the benefits of UNICEF's immunization program, stating that if appropriately supported, it can help save the lives of 6.9 million children per year.

"I'm a parent, and the thought of anyone's child dying of something we can prevent is just unacceptable to me," Kravitz said in an official statement. "Vaccines cost so little, and when UNICEF says 100 percent of the world's children can be immunized with enough funding, I think it's important to support that goal."

Kravitz also announced that he will use his social media platforms to share UNICEF's request for 100 per cent immunization.

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