Paul McCartney Missed Jimi Hendrix's Offer To Form Supergroup

Paul McCartney missed a chance to jam with Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis because he was out of town when a telegram arrived requesting his presence at the session in New York.

"We are recording and [sic] LP together this weekend. How about coming in to play bass?" reads the letter, adding, "Call Alan Douglas . . . Peace Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Tony Williams."

An aide to Macca replied, saying that his boss was out of town and not due back for a couple weeks. Both letters are in the Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia collection in Prague.

"It's not something you hear about a lot," Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan told the Daily Mail. "Major Hendrix connoisseurs are aware of it. It would have been one of the most insane supergroups. These four cats certainly reinvented their instruments and the way they're perceived."

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