Rod Stewart Says He Turned Down The Plaster Casters

Rod Stewart admits that he and fellow Faces rocker Ronnie Wood had a close call with the groupie crew famously know as the Plaster Casters. The women were known for collecting plaster castings of famous rock stars' genitals.

Stewart told Sirius Radio he nearly obliged them as well.

"That was me and Ronnie," he said. "I remember it like it was yesterday. I think we were in Chicago. We said, 'Let's have a look at what you've done, girls.' First of all, they brought out Eric Burdon's, which was enormous. And then I think it was Jimi Hendrix, and Ronnie and I started to pull our trousers back on and left sheepishly."

He also opened up about their penchant for pulling pranks on hotels.

"What we used to do is displace the furniture. Nine times out of ten, when the Faces were just becoming famous, they treated us like s- in hotels, so that was our way of revenge," he said. "We'd empty all of the furniture out of the room, put it in the service elevator and send it down to the kitchens."

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