Elton John Lyricist Bernie Taupin Arrested For DUI

Bernie Taupin, the mind behind Elton John's biggest hits, was arrested earlier this month in Southern California on suspicion of DUI. Cops say the songsmith aroused suspicion after backing into a fence.

The California Highway Patrol, however, has neither set a court date nor revealed the results of the blood alcohol content test given to Taupin.

In a statement, Taupin's lawyer denies the charge and has accused the CHP of acting in bad faith.

"Mr. Taupin's vehicle became disabled on the side of the road," the statement read. "There is no evidence nor any witness to establish who the driver was at the time. Ms. Taupin was summoning AAA when the first of five police cars, and an even greater number of actual officers arrived. Officers told the Taupins they would assist with the disabled vehicle. Instead, they launched into a DUI investigation disregarding the fact that they did not know (or have an eye witness) as to who was driving the vehicle when it became stationary alongside the barbed wire fence."

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