Update On AC/DC Movie

Talks are happening this week between High Voltage Productions Pty. and "one of the world's leading production and entertainment companies" to get the AC/DC movie off the ground, according to Classic Rock magazine.

Actor Rob Liotti has long boasted of writing the script for the Bon Scott biopic and now he says that he's in talks to start realizing his vision.

"This docu-drama concentrates on an integral period of the band's history, when Bon Scott helps catapult AC/DC to international stardom - yet never really gets to experience fruits of his labor. He struggles with bouts of loneliness and isolation," Liotti told the mag of his script.

"The film is sure to leave fans drawn to Scott and his antics, and to the band which made him famous."

Scott died in 1980 after six brief but wild years with the band.

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