Foreigner's Mick Jones Speaks On 'Crazy' Times With Van Halen

Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones has opened up about some of his most interesting experiences as a producer, including some colorful sessions with Van Halen. Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, he said working with the rockers was a wild time:

"We went through some crazy times. The engineer locked himself in the studio for a day and threatened to burn the tapes. It was a real standoff, you know? It was touch and go whether the tapes were going to survive."

"It all ended up great and everybody ended up [being] really cool and happy with what had happened, but it was pretty exhausting. It all paid off in the end," he added.

In his time as a producer, Jones says he's learned that perspective is the key element to success:

"To me, a real producer has to have the b*lls to have that vision of what the end product is going to be like and help guide the artist or the band towards that. That's what I've tried to do, and I've tried to do that with Foreigner. But I've always tried to bring in a second or third ear to keep my perspective and balance it. I think it's important to have that."

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