John Fogerty Speaks On CCR Reunion Rumors

John Fogerty has spoken out about the continuous rumors of a possible Creedence Clearwater Revival reunion. Speaking with Classic Rock Revisited, Fogerty said that he would never attempt to revive CCR without his late brother and former bandmate Tom.

"When the band broke up, I never had any problem not trying to abscond with the name Creedence as a solo artist," Fogerty said.

"I just figured that you have to move on and try to write new songs. I just think that thing is from a certain time and it is untouchable, unless everybody is there. You can't do it unless everyone says it is okay to do it; that is how I approached it. It didn't look like that was ever going to happen," he added.

He went on to cite a famous friend's statement regarding reunions:

"George Harrison had an interesting statement about reunions. The same statement works for me: There can be no reunion as long as Tom is dead."

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