Ringo Starr Offers Up Previously Unseen Beatles Photos In New E-Book

Photograph, an e-book from Ringo Starr, will be released through Apple's iBookstore on June 12. The book features a collection of previously unseen photographs of the Beatles during the height of Beatlemania and beyond.

Starr, speaking with People, said that he discovered many of the pictures "in boxes we brought home after my mother died. We thought, 'I wonder what she's got!'"

"These are shots that no one else could have," he added in a statement.

Among the pics are shots of Starr in his childhood, of the band on their first U.S. tour and on their trip to India to meet the Maharishi. The photos, totaling over 100, also include shots of the Fab Four in their final days together.

Starr has recorded audio-visual commentary to accompany the pics.

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