Rolling Stones Reportedly Refuse BBC To Broadcast Glastonbury Set In Full

The Rolling Stones and the BBC are at odds over the television broadcast of the band's performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

According to reports, the band is only allowing the BBC to air the first four songs of the set, and not the entire thing.

"Mick [Jagger] agreed to do Glastonbury for the fans who are there, he didn't sign up for a TV show. It's not about money. This show will go around the world," a source told the Independent newspaper. "If there's torrential rain it will play havoc with their performance and they want to sound and look at their best. There's a lot of factors out of their control."

Mark Cooper, BBC's head of music television, has admitted that there is a debate between broadcaster and band.

"We are having an ongoing discussion with the Stones. I'm talking to Mick about it. At this point I'm quite optimistic we'll get a sufficient amount of music. It's not their natural audience. But when legendary artists play Glastonbury, they also attract a whole new, broader audience."

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