Queen's Brian May Leads Anti-Badger Culling March

Brian May, guitarist for Queen, was at the head of a protest against the passing of the badger cull policy in the U.K. The bill has granted licenses for the purpose of hunting badgers in several regions.

May, according to the Independent, also delivered a petition to lawmakers, boasting 234,000 signatures from those who oppose the government's plan of culling.

"If the government don't listen to us today, the pressure will still be there," said May at the rally. "I think it would be easier for David Cameron to cancel it at this point, with some grace and clearly for the public good. I don't think there would be any shame in cancelling the policy because new evidence has come to light. It's not going to save money. I'm not the person who cares about money, I care about everything else."

Culling, says the government, will prevent the spread of TB to cattle.

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