Alice Cooper Speaks On His Idols With Rolling Stone

Alice Cooper recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone in which he opened up about the influence of two of his favorite musicians, Jeff Beck and Ray Manzarek. In the interview, Cooper is seen chatting with a group of budding guitarists while praising Beck in particular:

"Everybody talks about 'who's the best guitarist?' Well here's what cinched it for me. Jeff Beck, they're playing the song, and he's holding his guitar like this, and it's feeding back and he's talking to someone. And while he's talking, he's dropping the guitar and doing triplets. Perfect triplets and catches it right on the last note where it's feeding back."

He added of Manzarek in the interview:

"Ray was, I think, 75 percent of what the Doors sound was; he was such a unique keyboard player. And I was never a big fan of keyboards ever, at all, but all of a sudden I went, 'This guy is really different. Nobody plays like this'. When I first heard the keyboards on 'Light My Fire', the long version, 'Riders On The Storm', things like that, I just went, 'Wow, it's jazz, but I like it'."

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