Mick Jagger Says 1967 Prison Sentence Was 'Silly'

Mick Jagger has spoken out on his 1967 drug arrest, saying that it was a "waste of everyone's time and money." The Rolling Stones fronter was arrested along with Keith Richards at the latter's UK home and both were initially sentenced to extended prison terms.

Both sentences were later overturned in appeals court, and it has since been revealed that the whole incident may have been arranged by MI5 and the FBI in an attempt to derail the band's career.

Jagger told Q of the arrest:

"It was scary. We were facing the prospect of a few months inside. Looking back, it was all a bit extreme. It was unnecessary and a waste of everyone's time and money. It was a bit silly, really."

He added that, at the time, he was glad to get support from the press and public:

"It was terrifying. But at the same time it did have its macabre, lighter moments. We weren't living in a police state; everyone wasn't against us. We had a lot of support in the press as well."

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