Elton John's Wardrobe Called 'Gay Propaganda' By Russian Protestors

Elton John, who is set to hit Krasnodar, Russia on July 14 for a show, has been getting some push back from Russian protestors who have called his onstage wardrobe "homosexual propaganda."

A rep for the protestors, Mikhail Abramyan, speaking with RIA Novosti, says that he wants Elton to trade his typical glam duds for the traditional Cossack uniform of a "knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots."

Concert promoters have ridiculed the suggestion of Abramyan, who has, in response, promised a protest of the gig should his demands be ignored.

The promotion of homosexuality is a punishable offense in Russia, as Madonna learned after getting hit with a $10 million lawsuit for asking fans at a St. Petersburg venue to raise their hands in support of gay equality.

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