Johnny Cash Museum Opens In Nashville

Bill Miller has happily announced the opening of the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville. Miller is the owner and curator of the museum and has collected many of the items that are on display in it.

"What we try to do is show people things that they'd probably never see at any other museum or any other place," Miller said to CMT Edge.

"It's really been a major journey collecting all this stuff and putting it all together. There was a point when I had so much stuff, and I said, 'Do I have too little? Do I have too much? Will it all tie together?' Then you start going through things you've had 30-40 years, and you go, 'It's working!'"

The museum displays pictures, clothing, song lyrics, awards and documents and other memorabilia from Cash's long career. It also has a small theater that shows off clips from Cash's films, as well as posters, costumes and various instruments that were used in the roles.

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