Bob Dylan's Road Manager Planning To Write Memoir

Victor Maymude, the longtime road manager for Bob Dylan, may have his memoirs of working with the legendary artist published, should a Kickstarter scheme launched by his son Jake come to fruition.

Maymude began composing the book in 2000 but died in 2001, shortly after he and Dylan had a feud. He recorded 24 hours of road stories before a brain aneurysm killed him. Now, his son, speaking with Rolling Stone, said that fans can help the stories see the light of day.

"Over the years they had several big fights, and they always got back together," he said. "My dad's abrasive. Bob's abrasive. They're two grumpy old men. They f-king flip out, and then get over it. At one point they could only talk to each other in a room full of lawyers, but my father wanted to rectify the situation before he died. He couldn't believe that he and his buddy were acting like such idiots."

Currently, The Victor Maymudes Biography: Friend, Confidant to Bob Dylan Kickstarter campaign has raised about a quarter of its goal.

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