Joan Jett Sues Hot Topic Over Lingerie Line

Joan Jett has filed suit against Hot Topic, the retail chain that sells rock-inspired clothing to young people, for its line of Blackheart lingerie. According to TMZ, Jett says the line infringes on her band's name and image.

Blackheart lingerie is a line of bras and panties geared toward girls "who rock and roll," according to the Hot Topic website. It features lots of black leather items, which Jett says is a clear take on her look.

Blackheart Records is demanding compensation for unspecified damages. They've also filed an injunction to block any further sale of lingerie under the Blackheart name.

Meanwhile, Hot Topic says that it "takes the rights of artists very seriously," adding that they compensated Jett over the years "with mutually agreed-upon license agreements for the sale of tee shirts featuring her image."

Hot Topic also says they have 11 registered trademarks for the use of the Blackheart brand.

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