Bret Michaels Talks About Porn-Induced Brain Hemorrhage On Conan

During a recent appearance on Conan, Bret Michaels talked to the late night host about suffering a brain hemorrhage while watching pornography.

The Poison fronter said he was channel surfing when he fortuitously paused on a porn channel:

"I was sitting on my couch [and] I was watching the MLB Channel. This is in April, so baseball was just kicking up. The channel was on a break, so I switched over, and Busty Cops 3: To Protect and Serve had come on - it was one of the channels I had happened to surf through. True story, I'm not lying. I paused for a second for a commercial break."

Michaels then added his greatest fear was not death but getting caught:

"That was one of the last visions I had. Some awful, awful softcore something or other. In between that and MLB, something went awry, and it was horrific . . . [Getting caught watching it] was my only concern."

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