Keith Richards Opens Up About Turning 70

Keith Richards graces the cover of the most recent edition of Men's Journal and on the inside opens up on his thoughts on turning 70 years old this December.

"Everybody should try it if they can get there," he told the mag. "If I had a secret, I'd bottle it maybe. I just happen to be here. Just string it, and play it low."

Asked how he reconciled his age with his abuse of drugs earlier in his career, Richards said that knowing when to stop is key.

"With the smack, I knew: 'I've got to stop now, or I'm going to go in for hard time.' The cocaine I quit because I fell on my head! Due to that - no more coke. Actually, my body tells me when to stop . . . the hard way. It's a knock on the head - OK. It's no big deal to me, to give things up," Richards said.

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